Affogato Dessert

Coffee lovers rejoice!  Dessert lovers, too!  You’re in for a wonderful treat…   Affogato is an Italian coffee dessert made up of a scoop of gelato – any flavor – with a shot of espresso poured over it.  Top it with whipped cream and it’s a gastric delight!  So simple, yet so good.

Café Ala Carte is the premier espresso, latte and cappuccino bar – and when you combine services with The Gelato Carte, you and your guests can enjoy authentic Affogato desserts with a variety of gelato flavors.  These are best made with fresh espresso and true artisan gelato.  “Nitrogen” gelato or ice cream won’t have the texture and flavor that true Italian gelato naturally possesses.

The secret to perfect gelato is freshness and pure ingredients, and it is equally important to combine it with quality, freshly ground and brewed espresso.  The Gelato Carte is the exclusive caterer of Duomo Gelato, a family-run business from Milan that uses all natural ingredients imported from Italy.  They lovingly create every batch by hand for The Gelato Carte and deliver it fresh.  A sweet ending to any event or occasion!